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Thursday Feb 10th, 2011

TONIGHT: DJ TrollD live in Ao Nang, Thailand

    Sorry for the late notice but I'm DJing tonight at this crazy outdoor party overlooking Ao Nang bay! If you're in the area definitely check this out! Free entry, some great tunes and a gorgeous setting, what more could you ask for?!

     >> cont'd. read more

Thursday Mar 19th, 2009

DJ Trolld / uvMix LIVE

    Hey hey!! So it looks like the uvMix is going officially global!

    This Sunday I'll be doing the first truly live uvMix @ Underground Bangkok's studio's right here in Thailand. Been working with the great guys over at UBRadio.net to make this happen, and I'm very happy to say: IT IS ON.

    The agenda is 2 hours of live mixed house. I'm going to be dropping some mad science on your face.

    Tune in Sunday 11am EST / 10pm ICT @ http://ubradio.net/. There is even a chat so you can send me a msg while we're in the mix.

Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009

Bangkok, Feb Top 20, and New Mixes!

    Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand!

    First off, the February's Top 20 Chart is up, almost in time for March!

    Secondly, if you haven't already, check out my latest two mixes: 1,000 Year Orbital Decay - a deep progressive house mix with lots of slow mixes ... guaranteed to put you into deep orbit!

    And do not miss my latest mix House Kiss, a fast paced progressive/disco-y house mix .. loaded with tons of remixes and mash-ups, 2 DJ Trolld exclusives as well!

Tuesday Nov 4th, 2008

November 2008 Chart!

    Ahhh! It feels good to finally get a new monthly chart up for November! Featuring Justice (D.A.N.C.E. remix FTW), Elektronique (kickin' beats), Clinque (down and dirty bass), Nonion Breed (deep and dirty bass) and lots more of good stuff I've been bumping over the last few months.

    It is also loaded with some filthy remixes by Matt Samuels (Enjoy the Silence remix), Richard Grey (Thriller & No Deputy remixes), Peaches & Tone Loc (Wild Thing remiex) as well.

    All I have to say is: Good stuff, keep it up ;-D!

Saturday Oct 18th, 2008

DJ Trolld is Big In Japan

    I'm finally getting situated in my apartment here in Tokyo, and in case you missed it, have started releases new weekly mixes. Goodbye Tears is a diverse mix of house styles with some breaks at the end to lay down the bass.

    While here in Japan I'm going to try to line up at least one DJ gig at a club ... interested in booking me? Click here to get in touch!

Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

Remixin: Evolution of the remix!

    DJ Fingers (see previous post) has been involved in starting this awesome remix 'mutation' project called Remixin. Basically its broke up into rounds, each round is open to anyone remixing the previous round's remixes!

    Definitely check it out, its all designed to be as friendly as possible, with full remix kits (everything broken up into separate tracks/samples) ... you have no excuse not to check it!

    And if you're not into remixing yourself, you can also download people's finished remixes as well!

Monday Jun 23rd, 2008

You know you're cool when ...

    You don't have time to update your own websites ;-D

    What's up everyone, just droppin' a line to let you all (is this thing on?) know that yes I'm still alive and have been keepin' busy.

    A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing at a going away party ... basically a filthy dance party in a huge garage. Pictures Are Up Here. Myself and DJ Fingers rocked it hard core! And like any good party it ended at 4:30am with the cops showing up hahaha. Ahhh. Good times!

Wednesday Oct 24th, 2007

DJ Trolld Live @ The Hop!

    Hey Hey, long time no checkin' - I know! I've got a bunch of updates but the most pressing is this weekend I'm DJing the post-party for the
    Eva Ayllon show at the Hop.

    I'll be setting up at the "Top of the Hop" again, rollin' in with a few thousand watts of sound and dropping an energetic Latin mix as people groove and mingle after the show!

    Hope to see you there!

Thursday Jul 12th, 2007

DJ Trolld Live @ The India Queen / uvVIP!

    So the India Queen finished expanding into the neighboring space and has installed what I would describe as a high class chill-out lounge / dirty dancing area.

    To kick it off I'll be joining the Nice Up! crew behind the decks this Saturday, July 14th for some dub and deep house!

    Get the full details here of this awesome event, we'll be welcoming Ken back to the area for a visit as well!

    Hope to see you there!

Monday Apr 9th, 2007

DJ Trolld @ Revolution - April 19th 3pm

    I'll be back dropping the groove at Revolution in WRJ Thursday April 19th, starting around 3pm until about 6pm.

    Revolution will be welcoming TOMs and I'll provide the sound track! Come by, check out the new store, listen to some tunes, and sip an espresso!

Tuesday Mar 13th, 2007

DJ Trolld Unthawed!

    Check check check! Yes I am still alive, as you know if you've seen be around the Upper Valley recently.

    I've been very busy finishing off my upcoming double mix CD, which I'm hoping to have finished before the snow melts completely!

    I'll be updating my schedule, charts and other goodies over the next few days so stay frosty and check back shortly!

Friday Sep 29th, 2006

Climb Into The Taxi!

    So this past month I ran across a kick ass track, "Boogie Makes a Splash" by Monster Taxi. Last week I dropped their new single, "Memory Whack", that is taking the dance floors by storm everywhere.

    I've been talking with front man Jason, and you'll be hearing his voice starting this week doing promos for the uvMix!

     >> cont'd. read more

Monday Sep 25th, 2006

World of Warcraft Addiction

    Heh, so I'm not hooked myself but I definitely know a few friends who are total WoW fiends.

    Enter one of the funniest tracks ever made by Basshunter Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA. God bless our northern European brothers :D.

Friday Sep 1st, 2006

European Vinyl: Online - Booyah

    Ahhh, last week I finished digitizing my haul of recordings I bought while I was in Europe... Just in time for my return at the end of this month :)

    There is some great stuff I got which I haven't shared yet, but the first samplings debuted in my Fading Reign mix!

    Stay tuned for some of my upcoming live appearances: Beerstock 2006 (Sept 16th) and the after party for Anoushka Shankar's performance in Spauding @ The Hopkins Center!

Friday Aug 4th, 2006

Last Chance @ The Canoe Club

    Due to my travel schedule this Saturday (August 5th) will be my last appearance at the Canoe Club, for a while anyway.

    So be sure to swing by and check out some of the new tunes I scored while in Europe, sip a cocktail, and shake your hips!

Tuesday Aug 1st, 2006

Back from Belgium!

    And what a time I had out there!

    I stayed in Ghent, a beautiful small city near the coast. Read about some of my adventures here. I cannot wait to return in October!

    I'll be finally posting the past mixes (I need to work out a better system for when I travel) and there will be an all new show this week, stay tuned!

Monday Jul 10th, 2006

Trick & Kubic Video

    A few months back Trick & Kubic released "Easy" featuring a singer by the tag of Valeska ... well .. her voice is hot, and Great Stuff has just cut a Music Video so you can see that she is just as hot, too.

Friday Jun 23rd, 2006

July 8th BBQ / Dance Party @ DJ Trolld's House

    The subject says it all, but on Saturday July 8th you are all invited to come over, grill and enjoy a live rock band into the evening, and then into my basement ... which is being converted into a dirty, dirty night club. Once you are down there live DJs (myself and special guest DJ Synergy) and 3,000 watts of pumping sound will make you dance into the morning light!

    This is your chance to meet fellow uvMix members, relax, dance, and have fun!

Thursday Jun 8th, 2006

Boom Jinx: The Norwegian Persuasion

    I'm really feelin' this cat over in the Nordic teritories, a certain
    Boom Jinx. He's been featured on a few shows already, including this week's. Definitely check out his site and drop him a line!

Wednesday May 31st, 2006

Panarchy Spin-Off Report

    So this Sunday Panarchy at Dartmouth hosted an outdoor spin-a-thon. The sun was shining and the system was bumping ... what more could you ask for? DJ Droid and myself were in full effect, hitting the plentiful kegs almost as hard as the turntables. But thats another story.

     >> cont'd. read more


Comin' Atchya

    Its been an awesome month and its only half way done!

    Incase you missed it, May's Charty P. McChartums is up for review ... the Canoe Club kids are eating up the progressive sounds and it shows!

    Speaking of Canoe Club, I've posted new pictures in the photos section documenting the adventures to be had every first Saturday of the month!

    And of course, the uvMix insurgency continues its full court press, sign up to download tons of free mixes from past shows, exclusives and more!


DJ Trolld NOW RESIDENT @ The Canoe Club!


DJ Trolld @ The Canoe Club - April 8th!

    Come check me out Saturday, April 8th as I bring real dance music to the Canoe Club!

    I am super excited to play this place, not only because I'm a regular, but simply to realize my dream of seeing house music permiate into this great establishment. Who knows, it may just happen again! ;-D

    More details soon ... check out The Canoe Club's site for more information on one of the best resturants in the Upper Valley!


March Chart Up

    This month's chart is up! Lots of awesome new tracks hitting the streets recently.

    Glideslope is my new pet label as of late, and Cosmic Belt's new track called "Do it" is exactly why.

    Lots of deep and some new progressive sounds in the mix this month, take a peek at "Super Fly" from Yellow Blackboard (SOG Records ... new label apparently) with its refreshing progressive sound.


Get Down With The uvMix

    Want access to exclusive weekly DJ Trolld mixes, podcasts, and more?

    Become a uvMix Member Now! Its quick, free, and there is no spam, etc. We do it 'cause we love the music, join us!


February Top 20

    This month's DJ Trolld Top 20 Chart is up for the masses to review!

    Winter is starting to give way already, and my thoughts are turning to the spring party season as dates roll in.

    I've got a couple appearances coming in the next month or so that haven't quite been nailed down yet, but I'll keep ya posted!


uvMix Podcasting is Here!

    For all you iTunes fiends out there! I just setup a Podcast of the uvMix, it contains the latest and a good collection of past shows available to download right from inside iTunes!

    To gain access to it just sign up & login at the uvMix Members Area!



2 Full Hours of Mix This Week!!

    I'm going all out to get a solid 2 hours for you guys this week on The uvMix, and so is my bro DJ Droid.

    We're both over-stuffed with beats that frankly need to hit the streets, and NOW! Tune in this Friday!!!


New uvMix Website

    The uvMix: Audio Insurgency now has it's own website which will become the definative resource for uvMix related stuff.

    This lets you find out more info on the diverse group of DJs working on the show (not just myself) and contact them directly!


First 2006 Chart Up!


Track Listings Up!

    Just posted the full track listings for last night's show, for all 4 hours of the mix, and a quick-key map so you can see who was playing what: check it!

    This month's chart is coming shortly, stay tuned!


New Mix /w DJ Droid & Free Tickets to Kassys!

    Got another bang up show in store for you guys tonight! DJ Droid will be joining me in the studio to inject more streets hip-hop flavour into your ear!

    I'll of course be dropping the house and breaks ... while giving away 3 pairs of FREE tickets to Kassys' performance at the Hop Center, tune in to win!!!


Happy New Year!!

    Whooo! The non-stop holiday party season is winding down, but I've got some tight mixes coming up this week on the uvMix, as does my buddy DJ Droid. A new chart will be up shortly as well, stay tuned and happy new year!


Friday's Show & Track Listings Are Up!


New uvMix /w NEW Guest Mixes by Miss Mash and DJ Droid!

    This week's show is hot, like fire! I've got a hot new hour of mix for you guys packed full of new beats and treats!

    Miss Mash is back and she's got a bunch of new bootleg mashups to drop for you on Hour 2!

    Then, geat ready, DJ Droid has Hour 3 on lock down with his tight hip-hop beats coming at you at full speed!

    All coming tonight (Friday) at 10pm, check back for a live stream link!


December Top 20 Chart Up!


Stream Updated & Track Listings Up!

    Check out the newly available uvMix Track List for last Friday's show, which is now available for streaming via the sidebar link! Extra thanks to Miss Mash for digging up all the track listings for her mashups!

    A uvMix Podcast is coming soon!


All New uvMix feat. Miss Mash Guest Mix!

    Tonight on the uvMix: Miss Mash has a choice selection of mash-ups tonight with her hour set of streets-meets-dance flavour! I've got 2 hours of hot new tracks in the mix, definitely hit this show up and let me know how you're feelin' it!


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