Reviews & Hand Picks

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Apollo 440: Dude Descending a Staircase Import

The '440 (four-forty) is one of my oldschool favourites and they returned with this offering in 2003. Tight beats with rock and hip-hop flavour, but still true to its electronic roots. The Beatnuts are featured on a number of tracks including the title track (my fave). This album is decidedly un-classifiable in the best possible way, and thats why almost 3 years later I'm still pumpin' it.

The Propellerheads: Decksanddrumsandrockandroll

Groovy, funky, chill, and peppy all in one album. The Propellerheads go back to 1998 when I was continuing to move into electronic music. The album is a must have.

Goldfrapp: Black Cherry

Sultry sexy vocals meets industrial rock inspired deep electronic beats. Strict Machine is my favorite track but the whole album is solid!

Fabric Live
The Freestylers @ Fabric Live 19

Major dope breaks with the Freestylers' doing what they do best: Laying down the rhymes. A mix of instrumental hard breaks and raps self described as "Raw as F*@#". See what mainstream music is like in Europe :)

Xen Cuts
Ninja Tunes Presents: Xen Cuts

A great collection of Ninja Tune tracks in a massive triple disc album. Ninja Tune is one of my favorite labels, and this album is a perfect way to delve into their artists.